How to shop for Lingerie on the web?


How do you shop for lingerie, sexy lingerie  and plus size lingerie  on the internet? Shopping for lingerie can be difficult but we offer tips and suggestions to make finding the right, sexy lingerie easier and more fun.

It is a good idea to approach shopping for lingerie on the web with a good, solid plan that will make the time spent more productive. There are lingerie websites  and  you want to weed some out from the beginning. Look for websites that have toll free numbers so you can talk to a customer service representative to ask questions and more importantly to communicate with if you have a return or a problem later during the transaction. It can be very frustrating to try and get ahold of a company solely by email if they don’t have telephone access. It is also a bad sign if they have not invested in long distance phone service or have any employees to handle customer inquiries. If they do not have clearly visible email contact move on as this will likely cause problems later on. Although you probably won’t have a problem later on it is generally not a good idea to deal with any business that doesn’t offer clear and reliable means of contact.

If the online website only offers dropshipping then choose carefully as they may have little if any product knowledge as they are using a selected number of suppliers. Dropshipping is a very common method of supplying products to customers and in and of itself is perfectly appropriate. The practice involves the website carrying no inventory thus the perception that the website is run out of someone’s bedroom or garage. Dropshippers promote their services as allowing the web site owner to promote their lingerie website without having to invest a nickel as the dropshipper carries all the inventory and the website owner does not have to carry a stitch of lingerie. At its heart this is a legitimate method of running a website but it does have its limits and drawbacks. First the lingerie website has little if anything invested in inventory so it may come and go in the night. Second the lingerie website may have little if any lingerie knowledge as they never see the product, know its characteristics. Third the lingerie site only uses dropship sites thus the selection will be limited to dropship inventory only. While many quality lingerie, sexy shoes, adult wholesalers do dropship, many others do not.

Since a lingerie website is in another state or perhaps another country you must be able to make decisions about products without trying them on. Sexy lingerie is often sold as one size fits most and this means there is a good amount of stretch spandex in the product for it to fit a woman with 5’2″ to one that is 5’7″. Also the weight differences will range from 110 to perhaps 165. Corsets are sold by bra size so if you wear a size 34 bra then you may need a size 34 corset. Cup size is not important in purchasing corsets. Shelf bras are sexy bras that support your breasts on a “shelf” that exposes your breasts and nipples. Again cup size is not a factor in these bras. When it comes to sexy stockings  keep in mind that there are two types of thigh high stockings. One is a stay up stocking that has silicone strips on the inside of the stocking tops that hugs your thighs and helps them stay up. The other stocking is not a stay up and requires a sexy garter belt  in order to stay up on your legs.

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