How To Properly Care For Your Lingerie

Knowing how to take care of your lingerie is essential, especially if you want to make last longer. Most lingerie needs special care so that they will last for many years. Proper care on lingerie
falls mainly on two categories: proper washing and proper storing.

When washing your lingerie, you need to keep in mind that the materials they use for
these undergarments are very delicate. This is the very reason why they only
require careful washing. Make it a point to never place you lingerie along with
your regular wash loads, not once.

When washing your lingerie, place it on a basin with regular tap water and add some
mild shampoo in it. Allow it to soak for about 10 minutes and after that,
gently scrub the soiled areas of the lingerie.

Rinse your lingerie with regular clean tap water until it is free from the shampoo
you used. Hang your lingerie on a clothes hanger or a clothesline to dry.

Some women prefer using the delicate or gentle cycles of their washing machines.
However, you need to be very careful when attempting this for the first time as
you just might end up ruining the delicate fabric or your costly lingerie.

Just like any other type of washing, you must take careful consideration of the
color of the lingerie you are washing. Do not mix different colored lingerie
together when washing as this might allow the dark colored lingerie to bleed
into the light colored lingerie. You can prevent this from happening by making
sure that all the colors are sorted out before washing them.

Another reason why washing your lingerie on a washer is not advisable is because some
lingerie have hooks, buttons, and fasteners which could snag on some part of
the clothing or on other lingerie. This could lead to the tearing of your

Make sure to dry your newly-washed lingerie on an airy place and not under direct
sunlight. The colors of your lingerie will easily fade if you dry them under
direct sunlight.

When your lingerie has dried up completely, try sorting them out for proper storage.
Some lingerie can be folded while some need to be hung in order to retain their

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