How to Plan A Lingerie Party

Step 1

Select a lingerie company such as Rose Secret Lingerie to work with. Talk to the expert if you are not sure what type of lingerie to choose for your party.

Step 2

Come up with a guest list. Think of everyone you know who would likely be interested in attending a lingerie party. Write down their names. Then, get out your address book and use it to help you think of even more people for your guest list.

Step 3

Send out invitations. There are a few different ways to approach this. You can buy and mail invitation cards, deliver such cards in person or send invitations via email.

Step 4

Plan party games. Games are part of the fun of a lingerie party. You will want to have three or four planned. Party games are short in duration and are designed to include all of your guests.

Step 5

Secure door prizes for your party games. Every good party game has a prize for the winner. Naughty mugs and t-shirts, incense and scented candles all make great door prizes for lingerie party games.

Step 6

Decide what refreshments and food you will serve. This is very important because aside from games, your guests would also like to enjoy drinks and some light foods, while having conversations. These are always the hostess’s responsibility. You don’t have to be too fancy to please a crowd. A fruit and cheese plate or vegetable platter with dip bought from your local grocery store is a tried and true stand by. If you want to put a little more effort into it, a selection of finger sandwiches and cookies will suffice. Throw in some chips and dip and a choice of wine or punch and you’ve got yourself a party!

Step 7

Plan for music. Music is not a requirement for a lingerie party, but it can help set the mood. If you want music, find CDs containing fun, sexy songs that the girls can get up and dance to if they want.

Tips for selling at lingerie party – Takes your attendees’ tastes and backgrounds into consideration. College girls may go for colorful and revealing lingerie, while professional women might prefer classy, sensual negligees. If you’re throwing a unisex or couples party, include sexy men’s thongs and boxer shorts for the guys!

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