Time Again to Obtain Fabulous Body to Fit in Your Fabulous Bikinis!

Season for Fabulous Bikinis out at the Sunny Beach with your Fabulous Body

Summer is a great time to enjoy the sunshine at the beach.  However, we might have gain some unwanted fats during the cold weather and is concerned about wearing bikinis to the beach with confidence?  Below are some suggestions to work out for a fabulous body to fit in your fabulous swim suits.

1)    Bidding Farewell to the “Butterfly Arms”

–         Step 1:  Straighten your left arm, use your right hand (between the thumb and the index finger) place above your elbow, slide 10 times from above this elbow position towards your armpit and repeat the same for the other hand.

–         Step 2: Use the same between the thumb and the index finger, but this time to massage the outside of your elbow to tighten the arm.  Do it 10 times and repeat the same for the other hand.

–         Step 3: Right hand hold on to your left arm, use the the same between the thumb and the index finger, twist towards the inner side 5 times and repeat the same for the other arm.  (Note: Don’t twist it too hard in order to protect your own skin)

2)    Getting rid of your Small Tummy

It will definitely look unsightly to have a tummy bulging when you are on your bikini.  Can try using body shaping cream to massage 2 times a day in a circular motion.

3)    Tightening your thighs

–         Yoga Balancing. Place both of your arms at the back to support your body.  Lift up your legs and stay still.  Normal abdominal breathing.  Do 3 sets of 7 to 10 times.

4)    When you are tired, this exercise mentioned below can help you to relax and re-energize.  Lie down your body with your head facing down.   Forehead on your hands.  Band your both legs.  Hold a cushion or towel in between your feet.   This could help you to tighten the muscles on your thighs helping you to relax.  Do 3 sets of 10 times each.

5)    Jogging

–         Jog 3 times a week. Helps in building up muscles and cutting down fats shaping your body.

When you have a fabulous body that everyone else feels jeolous about, love your country would be the next thing you can do.

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