How to Choose Lingerie For Valentine’s Day

By Adrian Mulhall

Men’s Buying Guide – How not to get your knickers in a twist buying Valentine’s Gifts!

Buying lingerie presents for her on Valentine’s Day may not be the most original idea, but it’s certainly a gift that can be enjoyed by both you and her and bring a bit of fun to the day – or that’s the plan anyway!

Because lingerie buying is normally done by females, it’s no wonder that men have a reputation for getting a bit carried away with their gift choices at Valentine’s or for picking something that’s more likely to make him happy than her. This is not the best scenario to find yourself in, so to help you avoid it, we’ve compiled this handy guide so you can stay on track for getting it right this year and seeing her happily, unwrapping your gorgeous gift… and hopefully wearing it later on too!
Valentines' Big Love Vinly Mini Dress
First up. Ask yourself this: How well do you know her?

If you’ve been together for a year or two, or are married, then you should have a good idea of what she likes and feels confident in. Be aware that she’s likely to have bras that she wears for comfort day to day, and then her more special collection which is for your eyes only! Aim to get something that would not look out of place amongst her special collection, but earn extra brownie points buy getting something that she might be able to wear more regularly as well.

Remember, she’s been dressing herself for years and knows what colours and styles suit her so be sure to have a rummage through her lingerie drawers to familiarise yourself with what she likes bra and panty style, before you start browsing for lingerie, so you can get off on the right foot.

If you’re still in the early stages of dating, tread very carefully with your Valentine’s gift purchase, especially if you opt for lingerie. Pay attention to what colours she likes wearing on your dates and try and stick within these colour ranges as this is what she’s likely to feel most confident in and prefer. If you’re unlikely to get the chance to sneak a peak at her bras to check her size, then try to subtly enquire about her dress size as lingerie items such as chemises and baby dolls can be bought without needing to know her specific bra size, if in doubt you could always ask her best friend for help.

Getting her size right

Buying lingerie in the wrong size is likely to see you end up in the dog house on Valentine’s Day, yet there are some easy ways to get it right, so boys there are no excuses after reading these cheeky tips!

Check in her lingerie drawer. But whatever you do don’t get caught! Find the bras you know she’s either worn recently – in the last month, or that she wears a lot and look in the label for a double digit number and a letter or letters next to it – i.e. a 32DD or a 36C. Compare this against a couple of other bras and make a note of the size that crops up most regularly. While you’re in there see what type of knickers she likes – are they lacy, silky or cotton? And are they knickers, boyshorts or thongs? In case you don’t have access to her lingerie drawer, why not offer to help her with her washing and then take a cheeky look at the labels while you’re hanging things up?!

Shopping for lingerie by personality

Understanding her personality can make a big difference in whether you get your Valentines lingerie gift purchase right or wrong. Hopefully if you are dating or married to her, determining her personality should be quite straightforward, but just in case, lingerie can be classified into the following five personalities.

Girly & Romantic
She likes pinks and purples and loves it when you buy her flowers or take her out to dinner. She’s a traditional romantic and still has a few cuddly toys in her bedroom.
Flirty and tomboyish
She likes a bit of an adventure, gets on with the lads, is a confident go-getter and may help herself to your pint if you don’t keep a close eye on her! She likes fun prints, colours and boyshorts.
A Fashionista
She loves to shop every weekend and likes mixing her Topshop bargains with designer labels. She has an obsession with shoes and handbags, or most probably both!
Elegant & Sophisticated
She has a classic, chic style that’s groomed and timeless.
Racy Minx
This girl is full of confidence, with a strong wild side. She loves things that a bit more daring or exotic!

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