How to Care For Your Sexy Lingerie

When women buy sexy lingerie, the look and feel of their new intimate apparel is bewitchingly soft and sensual. The silks and satins are luxurious and tantalizing to touch and beautiful to see. Wearing pretty babydolls and teddies is easy and effortless, but caring for these items can be confusing. If you don’t take care of your lace lingerie properly it will lose its pretty sex appeal. No one finds anything desirable in discolored, threadbare undies, and this can be the fate of even the most expensive items if they are exposed to harsh and inappropriate washing methods.

Delicate lace and satin can become faded, rough and tattered due to harsh washing and drying. This is why you have to use special care when it comes to your sexy lingerie. The better you treat your delicate bras, panties, bustiers and babydolls, the better they will perform for you over time. You should always consider your lingerie as an investment that needs to be handled gently and carefully. When you treat these delicate items the right way, they will look as good as new even after repeated washings.

Even if a tag says that you can machine wash your new bras and panties, it is better to ignore it. Your sexy lingerie will last much longer and retain its color and feel if you wash it all by hand. Line drying is much preferred to a machine dryer. Besides, there is a certain sexiness generated when you see your lacy thong panties swaying softly in the breeze.

Never use harsh chlorine bleach on lingerie because it will weaken and damage the fragile lace, satin, and mesh used to create sexy lingerie. Always choose cleansers designed for delicate items. Some trims, like garters, pads and shoulder straps are removable, and this should be done before washing begins. If these are soiled, you can clean them separately.

After your lingerie is clean and dry you should always fold and store it promptly. Make certain that everything is thoroughly dried before putting it away. Having 1 or 2 drawers devoted to your feminine undies is ideal. Add a sachet to this drawer or a cotton ball dabbed with your favorite perfume to give your lingerie an extra touch of allure and sex appeal.

Some people prefer to lay their bustiers and corsets flat in a drawer, but they can also be hung in a closet using the same hangers you would use for trousers or skirts.

If you follow these simple tips you should be able to enjoy the vibrant beauty of your sexiest lingerie for months or years to come.


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