How to Care for your Lingerie ?

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Lingerie in general and sexy lingerie specifically often requires special care on laundry day. There is a reason many women refer to them as delicates as they are not particularly durable as the concept of durable lingerie is a bit counter intuitive.

Resist the urge to throw your lingerie in the washer unless you want to replace them more often. Most washers have an agitator, that fin shaped apparatus in the middle of the tub that circulates the water, detergent, bleach and the clothing. The “miracle” of washers is they do the repitive work of rubbing your clothes against a washboard as your great, grandmother may have done. More gentle than the wash board that was a series of metal ridges that wore down the fabric to extract the dirt, perspiration and the like. While the washer is great for jeans, towels and the like, it can wreak havoc on the dainty, skimpy, wispy and delicate lingerie items like your sheer panties, bras and lingerie items. Also bleach and detergents like Tide and such are terrific for general laundering but not for colors, lace and sheer fabrics. Women and men hailed the arrival of the motorized washer as a true and valuable innovation that we really can’t live without but it isn’t appropriate for lingerie for the most part. If you must wash lingerie in the washer purchase a lingerie bag which is a net bag that prevents the garments from getting entangled in the agitator and rubbing against rougher fabrics such as jeans, rivets, buttons and zippers. These lingerie bags may be called a number of things but they all function basically the same in keeping your delicate undies away from their rougher cousins in the soup.

While hand washing is time consuming, it will prolong the life of your intimate apparel, and allow you to control the amount of soap, fabric softener and hot water- ouch! Hot water is intended and needed for garments that are heavily soiled and lingerie rarely if ever reaches that point. While hot water won’t necessarily damage a garment manufacturers do advise avoiding it as it can increase shrinkage, color fastness and other wise have a damaging effect on delicates. Cool water is best as the lingerie likely does not require hot water. Hand washing is preferred as you determine how much pressure and time the garment sits in the water/soap solution. Less is more here as you don’t need a lot of rubbing the garment together to get it clean.

Don’t even think of washing an article of clothing that has a “dry clean only” tag. If the manufacturer says the item should be dry cleaned, then it should only be dry cleaned, always. Who should know better about how to care for an item than the company that made it? Since they don’t get a commission for suggesting the proper cleaning method, a word to the wise- get it dry cleaned.

General rule: Follow this general rule- Don’t wash anything in hot water, and don’t dry any lingerie item in the dryer. Detergents: While Tide, Cheer and other major brand names work wonders with general cleaning of clothing, don’t use them for lingerie. If your tee shirt has ketchup on it by all means use Tide, otherwise use a gentle or mild detergent such as Woolite or Ivory Snow. A cold water wash by hand in Woolite will be all that those sexy lingerie items need, and they will love you for it. Since you shouldn’t use your dryer for lingerie, drip dry or dry on a towel for longer life, and brighter colors.

How often should you wash your lingerie? With panties, boy shorts, hot pants and g-strings washing is essential after each wearing but you didn’t need me to tell you that. You will find that while you may prefer to purchase inexpensive panties, it is generally true that you get what you pay for. Due to constant wear, particularly of your favorite panties, these garments will wear out, lose color and elasticity quickly. Hand washing with cold water and drip drying will extend the life and color of these garments. One tip is when you are buying any panties or bras for that matter consider buying more than one pair. The reason for this seemingly odd suggestion is that your panties will last longer the less frequently you wear them and subsequently launder them. Buying two black thongs will extend the life of them as well as being less likely to have your favorite pair of panties, clean panties, that it available when you want them. Also, consider that most manufacturers make garments, even panties and especially bras for a limited time. When you go back to the same store looking for you favorite panty you will likely find them no longer available. Many women actually purchase a number of their favorites as experience has told them that it won’t be available for long and if you find what you like why not have a couple of pair?

Bras- Generally bras can be washed after 3-4 wearings, but we know that many women may wait longer to wash their bras as they do not get heavily soiled. Remember though, perspiration, deodorant, perfume are the culprits, so regular laundering is recommended, and a laundry bag will keep your bras newer, longer. Bras have a number of weak points that cause them to deteriorate before you know it. First among them is the underwires that routinely break out of their nest and cause you plenty of pain and discomfort. Next is the cups which may be made of silicone, foam pads and consistent washings accelerate the deterioration. While designed to look feminine, lace accents do not hold up to repeated washings. Generally speaking what makes a bra or other lingerie pretty, sexy and feminine is usually the opposite of durable thus the need to take special care in cleaning lingerie.

Sexy Lingerie- Babydolls, teddies, bra sets and other lingerie is often worn for minutes, not hours. These items are generally skimpy, use lots of lace and spandex and are laundered less often. Hand washing is absolutely essential or you may find the garment unwearable.

Giving your lingerie a little tender loving care will be rewarded with longer life, greater elasticity and better color retention. Keep in mind that lingerie is often worn during periods of relaxation, before bedtime, on vacation and of course, on honeymoons. So don’t forget that often the perfumes and colognes worn by you and your partner can be absorbed by these delicate fabrics. Further if you or your partner smoke the odor of tobacco will be absorbed by the garment. Just because you are not wearing the babydoll to mow the lawns or change the oil does not mean they don’t get dirty, it is just a different kind of dirty.

Some lingerie items require, no demand a higher degree of cleaning responsibility than lingerie. Breast enhancers, adhesive bras, leather lingerie and rhinestone lingerie are examples of some of the garments not only cannot be washed, they require special cleaning in order to prevent damage that could easily ruin the item.

Breast enhancers made from silicone are merely plastic bags with silicone gel inside in the rough form of a woman’s breast. They rest against your breast inside your bra and the cleaning required is a simple hand soap and warm water with a pat dry with a soft cloth. Making certain that the enhancers are placed back in their forms and are not punctured or used as your cats plaything is also essential.

The problem with breast enhancers and adhesive bras such as Nubras are the adhesive backings that required cleaning after each use and being kept away from dust, lint and not using cloth to clean or dry them. These items must be air dried and the adhesive can be used up to 100 times.

Leather lingerie is an item that to some degree defies cleaning. Leather panties should be cleaned after every wearing by using a damp cloth to clean the interior of the garment to remove moisture and soiling. Great care should be used to clean this garment as water and leather are not a good combination.

Proper cleaning of all lingerie garments will prolong their life, as well as maintaining the original color, stretch and keep them from getting damaged. Lingerie often has accents made of pearls, imitation or real, rhinestones and other embellishments that may be sewn or glued on the garment. Failure to use due care may cause these items to fall off and in the washed they will be sucked down the drain without any chance of retrieval. Since these garments don’t get deeply soiled hand washing is preferable to machine washing. The extra time at the sink is the best policy for keeping them sexy and sensual garments.

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