Five Reasons You Should Buy New Lingerie For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you will probably go out and celebrate. You don’t want to be caught with the same lingerie you had from last year. You don’t eat the same meal every day do you? Your husband, boyfriend, fiancee or special someone doesn’t either so why not treat them to something nice? You can buy a few nice inexpensive lingerie for Valentine’s Day without breaking the pocketbook. After all, we know that when they’ve enjoyed Valentine’s Day you’ll enjoy it as well. Here are five reasons to get something sexy!

Gained/Lost weight

If you’ve lost weight congratulations! You have every excuse to buy something new to show off that figure! If you’ve gained weight anything that you’ve purchased previously won’t look flattering. If you can’t breathe because your bra is too tight you won’t feel confident or sexy. Mini breasts that peak out from underneath your arm aren’t very glamorous either. And if you have marks on your arms, back, or shoulder from being too small you need to purchase a new bra. Get something sexy and sensual. It will give you added confidence that will convey from underneath your clothing.

Spice up your relationship

Have you been married for a few years? If so he might have already seen everything that is in your clothing drawer. Why not surprise him with a sexy new lace babydoll dress? He won’t expect it and be pleasantly surprised. You might soon feel like you understand the animal kingdom shows on PBS. Since now you might be the gazelle getting targeting by the lion! Perhaps a new pajama or gown set is more your fancy. Whatever you choose will put the spark back in your relationship.

Older Pieces

You cannot continue wearing the same lingerie from five years ago. Especially if you are constantly pulling up the straps of your bra. If the elastic in your panties, or thong are worn out it is time to throw them out. Underwire that is cutting or poking you is not flattering to your figure. Do yourself and favor and get something new in colors and styles that you like. If your budget is not allowing you to revamp your entire lingerie wardrobe you can buy a few choice pieces that you need right now.

You deserve it

You are constantly doing things for others. Why not take a moment and reward yourself? You deserve it. We all need to treat ourselves once in a while. You might not be able to go on a vacation, or get a much needed massage, but there is nothing like enjoying a nice long leisurely bubble bath and then putting on nice fresh new lingerie that you’ve treated yourself to.

Wardrobe repair

If you work in a corporate office and need to look professional you don’t want to have a VPL – visible panty line. Or if you spend an evening out with friends you don’t want to let everyone see your underwear! That defeats the entire look of your outfit. You don’t want this to happen to you. You can prevent that by purchasing thongs or flesh colored items that won’t be seen through your pants.


Any one of the above reasons warrants a new purchase of lingerie. You don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day as an excuse. You can buy it today.

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By Kyle Manchester

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