Everyday Lingerie: Baby Doll Lingerie – It’s Okay To Still Play With Dolls

One intimate apparel style that can really add spice to your wardrobe is baby doll lingerie.
baby doll lingerie
Baby doll lingerie generally has a form-fitting upper bodice that leads down into a flaring skirt. Intimate apparel of this style is perfect for curvaceous women who are small on top and have robust hips. Most baby doll lingerie comes with matching panty or thong. Some even have matching robes. As they are hot on the market, these comfortable lingerie pieces are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles.

For the bride on her big day, baby doll lingerie comes in bridal styles. One popular style of baby doll lingerie for brides offers sequin and pearl decoration on the cleavage. This playful intimate apparel piece is perfect for the bridal trousseau and adds a classy flare that is appropriate on a wedding night.

Though most baby doll lingerie is sleeveless, there are other options. One major company offers baby doll lingerie with capped sleeves. While staying playful and sexy, this after hours piece offers a little more substance and a different look.

In addition to baby doll lingerie for the bride or those with capped sleeves, there is the more traditional baby doll lingerie:
2 pc mesh babydoll
two-piece with lace open front.
These items are often accompanied with a matching g-string that completes the playfully sexy ensemble.

As you can see, baby doll lingerie is its own branch of the intimate apparel tree. It comes in a wide selection of styles and colors. Baby dolls gives you a sophisticated, sensual look. They can be as sexy, as playful, or as revealing as is desired by the wearer.

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