Create Cleavage

Admit it. Cleavage is sexy. Not only that, it gives you a confidence boost like nothing else can. There are degrees of cleavage, you can show a subtle peek or knock ‘em out with a full-on display.

Charmeuse and Dyed-To-Match Lace Babydoll

Here are a few tips to get your cleavage on:

By twisting the fabric between the cups of your bra before slipping into it you can tweak it. That tweak pitches the cups toward each other which, voila, enhances cleavage.
There are shirts and dresses that have shaping at the bust area just for your bustline. Look for tops with a seam just under the breasts and shirring between them. What that does is lift and push breasts together.
To really enhance your cleavage, go the makeup route. Sweep a line of bronzer between breasts to create a shadow (the shadow that naturally occurs when you have cleavage). Be sure to blend so bronzer is nearly unnoticeable.
Or do what most of us do, buy a sexy bustier and call it a day.
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