Corsets and Bustiers – Lingerie That Enhance Your Silhouette

Have you been unsatisfied with the extra puppy fat on your waistline? Are you longing to get a killer figure like those of supermodels but not able to do so? Is your body shape the cause of your fluctuating moods? Most of the women of today are facing a lot of pressure when it comes to looking presentable and perfect. With the advent of social media a lot of emphasis is showered upon perfect toned bodies and sculpted looks. This in turn raises major self-image issues for the women in our regular society who try and match up to their celebrity idols in the path to attaining the diva-like figure. In the meantime, we tend to forget is that people in showbiz are being paid to look gorgeous so that their movie or music album sells. On the other hand, you tend to pay others like your gymnasium fees, slimming clinic charges, plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons in order to look sexy and appealing.

In the lingerie industry, designers and manufacturers have come up with excellent inner as well as outer wears that accentuates our bodily curves and creates an illusion of a slimmer figure. In fact some of the traditional lingerie styles have come back in to fashion for the year 2010 with famous celebrities and pop stars posing for photographs in them. Yes, I am talking about corsets. Corsets were traditionally created with different intentions in mind. Corsets are body fitting outfits that start at the bosom and end at the hips. These were stiff outfits used as an undergarment and had bones or metal incorporated in them. They were tied tightly to the body to give that hourglass shape to it. Although in earlier times, the use of a corset was to enhance the hip to waist ratio and attract prospective husbands besides being a sign of morality and chastity these thoughts slowly evolved out of people’s minds and they began to be used more of a fashion accessory than anything else.

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Corsets can be worn by normal to plus size women. These days corsets are used more as a sensual top over jeans rather than an inner wear. These are also ideally worn within see through tops. A more lighter and relaxed version of a corset is the bustier. Just as the name suggests, it makes the bust look fuller and are long versions of a bra and shorter versions of a corset. They may either be strapped or strapless. A bustier has no boning on its structure and it’s rather soft on the body. They are essentially worn as an undergarment and since they are not tightly hastened to your bodies they can be worn for longer durations.

Both a corset and a bustier tend to give you a lovely hourglass silhouette. These are available in different sizes, lengths and fabrics. The fabrics used can either be silk, satin, vinyl or leather. Depending on what sort of occasion you are planning to use these for you can choose the apt colors and fabric that would suit you best. These are the best lingerie styles that helps highlight your curves and leaves your man yearning to get his hands on you. is the place to find all the latest lingerie and women’s intimates. Bras and panties, corsets and bustiers, babydolls, long gowns & robes and plus size lingerie. Everything that a women needs is available under one roof. Rosesecret  Lingerie is an innovative online wholesaler created to satisfy the all women’s needs  on intimates  lingerie.

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