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Clubwear is a term that is used to describe clothing a woman would or could wear to the night clubs thus suggesting it is revealing, sexy and daring. Not for the faint of heart clubwear is suggestive dresses, mini skirts, tops and accessories. In reality some of these garments never see the strobe lights of a night club as modesty dictates that some women don’t feel comfortable wearing such revealing clothes in public. So the decision as to what to wear and where to wear it is left entirely up to the individual women.

In the past fashion was dictated by the runways of Paris, Milan and New York City. That is but a memory as women are no longer constrained by the musings of a designer in a distant city. Primarily worn by young women with svelte bodies clubwear is cut short, worn snug and often sheer or see through. Women of all ages go to night clubs and not all of them wear clubwear as there are often no dress codes but many clubs in cities throughout the world are looking to make their place the hottest club in town and nothing makes a club hotter than pretty, sexy women. This is often why clubs often don’t reject single women or attractive women while single men can’t get the time of day from the bouncer at the front door. The owners of these clubs know that nothing attracts the “right” crowd like good looking women.
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Sexy mini dresses flatter a woman’s body as they are short, tight and meant to be worn with a pair of sexy high heels. These sexy dresses or party dresses come in different styles such as halters, tank dresses, strapless or spaghetti strap dresses. Often the dresses come in lame’ pronounced la-may which is a shiny stretch material that usually available in red, gold or silver. The object of mini dresses is that they are easy to wear on the dance floor as the length at the upper thighs does not get in the way dancing all night long. Needless to say the party dresses are exciting to watch as little if anything is left to the imagination.

Some clubwear like Rose Secret’s collection is mini dress with matching tops in stretch satin or microfiber that feels great and stretches to fit comfortably. Often accompanied with chain or other details the line is one of the more popular lines of clubwear available.

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