Bustier and Corset – Differentiating Lingerie Twins

What we are talking about here are corsets and bustiers. Modern day fashion has brought the corset and the bustier from the inside of an outfit to the outfit itself, usually being paired by a pair of sexy jeans, a mini denim skit, or even tutus.

Women with a fuller build are the ones that really benefit from wearing corsets and bustiers. Plus size corsets hug all the right places that need to be cinched and at the same time, they also make the places that you want to be accentuated really stand out – like the chest and the hips, giving that fantastic hour-glass figure that everyone longs for. Plus size corsets are really heaven sent for the bbw (big beautiful woman).

A big question that may be tickling the minds of those that wear plus size corsets is that they are very similar to bustiers. To help settle a rather trivial but curious dispute let us differentiate the twins of the lingerie world, the bustier and the corset.

A bustier is a sleeveless top that spans the bust to the waist (sometimes touching the hips or the top area of the butt) and it is worn either as lingerie or as outer clothing. It is form fitting and it may sometimes have garters attached to it. Modern bustiers now have thin lacy straps but most bustiers are like tube tops.



The corset was developed more than a millennium ago. It is a close fitted boned undergarment that shapes a woman’s torso. It can either extend from above or below the bust to the hips, giving that appropriate binding effect to have a flatter waistline.

As you can see from the definition above, the two are more likely to be called as twins. They look the same and they practically do the same thing. But in the interest of settling the debate, one huge difference between the two is that the corset came first in terms of origin while the bustier came trailing decades later. A more prominent difference is that a corset does not always cover the breasts while a bustier always does. A corset that covers the chest area is called an over-bust corset.

In any case, both lingerie styles can be worn in and out of the bedroom. Especially for plus size women, you really want to emphasize the breasts as they are usually one of the best assets a fuller woman has. Wearing a plus size corset or a plus size bustier can further enhance that, giving you a more voluptuous appearance.


Some women are hesitant in wearing a plus size corset in public, but if you wear it in good taste, then there is nothing to be worried about. Just make sure you wear it in appropriate places such as parties and clubs and you can never go wrong!

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  1. Bustiers and corsets are both suitable for wearing indoors and outdoors depending on which type and how you wear them. They really help to give you an hour glass figure that you desire. They are the best seller in my lingerie store.

    You have a great selection at your site. Will order more from you in the next coming order.

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