As noted in the Lingerie Buyer’s Guide Introduction, there are several lingerie styles. Lingerie Supplies carries bras, babydolls, body stockings, chemise, corsets, bustiers and so on. This post is all about bras.

The important thing to note with bras is how to size them. The size of a bra is usually noted with a number followed by a letter, for example 42D. The numeric portion of the size is the measurement of the band (around the ribcage, under the bust). The letter portion takes into account the bust measurement at the fullest point. The letter portion of the bra size is determined by subtracting the band size from the bust size.

1″ difference = A cup
2″ difference = B cup
3″ difference = C cup
4″ difference = D cup
5″ difference = DD or E cup
6″ difference = DDD or F cup

As an example, if the measurement of your band is 40 while your bust measurement is 46, your bra size would be 40DDD.

In addition to the measured size of the bra, it is important to note the function that you intend for the bra before purchasing. Full coverage bras tend to adhere closely to the strict measurement standards. On the other hand shelf, and demi bras do not cover the entire bust and are sometimes cut smaller. You may want to order a band size larger when purchasing a shelf bra for comfort.

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