Babydolls and Chemise

Babydolls and chemise are similar styles. They are both short and fitted pieces of lingerie that are typically modest. To add a hint of mystery or seduction, you can choose a chiffon babydoll or chemise. They are perfect for a romantic evening, or a night of feeling pampered.
If you feel like flirting, a babydoll is the way to go. Babydolls are fitted in the bust with a full skirt. As a result, it’s important to get the bust size right when purchasing a babydoll. Sometimes babydolls have a stretch bodice that makes it easier to size for full figured women. Babydolls are well suited to women with a pear shape as they hug your curves on top and fall gently on your hips.
Chemise, on the other hand, are better suited to a straight figure as they are cut really close. When you want to feel luxurious, a beautiful silk or charmeuse chemise will feel soft on your skin and hug your curves. For more comfort, you can choose a stretch chemise and still be pampered.
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