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Find a Sexy Confident You in Classy Lingerie

There is nothing like classy lingerie to make you feel special, confident, and sexy. Classy lingerie doesn’t mean boring lingerie; you can find many pieces that look stylish, but still remain demure and refined.

You can choose from a wide variety of classy lingerie. An elegant matching bra and panty set, or slip under your clothes is sure to make you feel great all day. Wrapping yourself up in a smooth silky robe after a bath or shower will relax you, and slipping into a comfy set of pajamas will send you off to dreamland calm and soothed.


No matter what your style is, there is classy lingerie to fit it. You can find pieces in almost every color, pattern, and fabric. A simple, silky, mono-colored nightgown is the perfect classy lingerie. Or, if you want something a little more elegant, go with a piece with a bit of lace, or ribbon. If your style is wild and racy, you can still find a classy lingerie piece that fits you, just look for something with a classic cut, but in a bright print, or with a more open back.

Classy lingerie is the perfect way for someone to venture into the world of lingerie. The classic cuts, simple designs, and coverage flatter every body. If you are a little shy, a classy lingerie piece will keep you semi covered and comfortable.

Remember, the point of lingerie is to feel good in it, and enjoy the feeling of wearing it, so always wear lingerie that you are comfortable in. If a piece is uncomfortable to you it won’t be enjoyable to wear, no matter how pretty it is.

Hot trend: Corsets and Bustiers

If you are like me, your knowledge of a corset is some brutal device forced upon women in ye olden days, or a memory of Kate Winslet’s mom in Titanic painfully strapping her into one. Ouch! But in recent years, the corset has slowly lost its death grip on our mid sections and has become the hottest trend. You can find all the hippest stars sporting them, from Jessica Simpson to Beyonce.
It’s quite easy to incorporate it into your style. During the day, layer one under your jacket or favorite v-neck sweater. Or at night wear one with a slim fitting skirt. Don’t forget to jazz it up with some fabulous accessories like jewelry and purse. Think you have what it takes to step out in corset style?
Corsets and bustiers are the darings women’s lingerie. They are very similar in style, as both are boned and fitted on the torso. They have a very slimming effect on your figure. The major difference between a corset and a bustier is that bustier often have built in cups for support whereas corstes do not.

Corsets and bustiers do not size the way clothes do, they size like a bra. You usually have a round the back measurement and a cup measurement, just like a bra but you are recommended to give yourself one size more around the back allowing for extra movement. The size noted for our corsets and bustiers is the band size, so if you where a 40DD, your bustier or corset size would be 40. If you want some extra room, you would order a 42. We also have many corsets and bustiers that are made of stretch satin or lace. These provide extra room without having to go up a size. They are also very comfortable.

Stunning Multi-gromited Lace Ties Front Vinyl Bustier
Corsets and bustiers
are often fitted with hook and eye catches that run up the back of the garment or sometimes they are laced up. They are often made to sit just above the bust to below the hips so that you can easily attach garters and stockings to them.

In Victorian times corsets were all the rage. They were worn by all women but not in the sense that they are today. In those days you did not leave without looking your best. Your best being your slimmest. Corsets held in every extra pound that you had.

Today, you can choose to wear a corset under a suit or clothing for that extra sensual feel or to provide extra lift. Corsets and bustiers are especially helpful as bridal lingerie under the dress, as they provide the slimming effect and lift that you want for that special occasion. You can also wear this lingerie for a special rendez vous with someone special.

Lingerie Gallery Another Type of Art Gallery

Lingerie galleries are the perfect way for men and women of any size to see what is out there in terms of intimate apparel and sexy underwear. At a good, live lingerie gallery, visitors have a chance to see models show off sexy women’s clothing. The experience can be simultaneously inspiring, sexy, and educational.

A lingerie gallery may be live, print, or online. A live exhibit will include models walking in front of the audience, modeling and showing off sexy intimate attire. On the other hand, a lingerie gallery may also be in print. A magazine that features models posing and showing off underwear, club wear, and Long Gowns & Robes. Such a series of pictures would certainly be considered a print lingerie gallery.

In addition to a live lingerie gallery or print, there are also on-line lingerie galleries, where models are shown online in pictures wearing sexy women’s undergarments. An on-line lingerie gallery may also, depending on what type of it is, have video clips of models in the highlighted costumes or even live interactive video of them.

Either way, a lingerie gallery shows off merchandise and generally keeps the attention of its audience. A good lingerie gallery is an advertising tool that acts as entertainment. So feel free to log onto, open up, or walk into the intimate apparel exhibit of your choice for ideas, stimulation, or to satisfy your curiosity.

Our New Products

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and etc.

Everyday Lingerie: Baby Doll Lingerie – It’s Okay To Still Play With Dolls

One intimate apparel style that can really add spice to your wardrobe is baby doll lingerie.
baby doll lingerie
Baby doll lingerie generally has a form-fitting upper bodice that leads down into a flaring skirt. Intimate apparel of this style is perfect for curvaceous women who are small on top and have robust hips. Most baby doll lingerie comes with matching panty or thong. Some even have matching robes. As they are hot on the market, these comfortable lingerie pieces are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles.

For the bride on her big day, baby doll lingerie comes in bridal styles. One popular style of baby doll lingerie for brides offers sequin and pearl decoration on the cleavage. This playful intimate apparel piece is perfect for the bridal trousseau and adds a classy flare that is appropriate on a wedding night.

Though most baby doll lingerie is sleeveless, there are other options. One major company offers baby doll lingerie with capped sleeves. While staying playful and sexy, this after hours piece offers a little more substance and a different look.

In addition to baby doll lingerie for the bride or those with capped sleeves, there is the more traditional baby doll lingerie:
2 pc mesh babydoll
two-piece with lace open front.
These items are often accompanied with a matching g-string that completes the playfully sexy ensemble.

As you can see, baby doll lingerie is its own branch of the intimate apparel tree. It comes in a wide selection of styles and colors. Baby dolls gives you a sophisticated, sensual look. They can be as sexy, as playful, or as revealing as is desired by the wearer.

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Lingerie Buyer’s Guide: How to Buy Lingerie by Color

Everyone has their own favorite color, but when it comes to buying lingerie, did you realize how much hair color played into the final look? Well it does and here are some tips to look your best, keep in mind hair color is only the starting point, skin color and tone are also an important factors.

Blondes, you ladies look fabulous in the color black and in all shades of blue.

Chiffon Halter Sleepwear Babydoll

Redheads your color is any shade of green, especially teal. You also look muy caliente in pinks and pastel tones.

Brunettes are gorgeous in white and red, and depending on skin tone black.

Sexy sheer gown with embroidered lace tube

Disappointed your favorite color is not matched to your hair color? Don’t despair, this is just a general guideline, the color of lingerie is still a personal matter between you and your sweetie and if canary yellow drives him wild, that’s the color for you.