Angry Red Devil Costume

Ever wondered how does a devil becomes one hot sexy evil temptress in red? In fairytales, the evil stepmother of Snow White is described as an ugly wicked woman who envied Snow White’s beauty. Even Cinderella’s step sisters are evil and as usual, they are also ugly. Why believe in such fairytales when you can be evil and still look like a sexy princess in your kingdom? Raise hell in your bedroom and make your man burn with desire!

Good thing Leg Avenue thought about helping evil girls like you! Its Angry Red Devil Costume is another one of its bedroom costumes that might make your naughty prince happy in bed. The Angry Red Devil Costume is a set of sexy lingerie that includes includes halter top wtih frilly skirt and horns. To feel totally evil, the set includes a red horn for your evil accessories. You can put on red leg stockings to add to your most evil seduction.

Angry Red Devil Costume

Be a sexy evil who loves to tempt her good guy to do evil nasty things for her! You can be the evil character in classic fairytales and still remain sexy and beautiful. Who says you need to be ugly to be evil anyway? Be a dangerous hot babe and raise hell in your very own bed!

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