Advantages Of The Corset And Corset Construction

There are many reasons why the corset construction was designed the way it is. The basic structure of the corset, although somewhat different today, remained basically the same when it was originally created. The overall purpose of the corset construction is to provide a suitable undergarment for women that would give them a more feminine, womanly figure.

The desire for many women to have a smaller, slimmer waist played a major role in the corset construction. When this piece of lingerie was first created, many women did not have the thin, ideal shape and figure that is often acquired today by diet and exercise. Thus, creating a piece of lingerie that would help in effort to reduce the thickness of one’s waist, such as the corset, would prove to be an increasingly popular invention that would continue to be successful among women.

Today, that same desire is still associated with women. Although there are more opportunities to achieve a desirable figure through weight loss regimens and diets than their were when the corset was first created, many women still feel the need to achieve a smaller waist appearance through wearing a corset. Therefore, for this reason along with several other, the corset construction continues to have the same overall effect when it comes to slimming down the waist area.

Another detail that strongly influenced the corset construction was the increasingly popular demand of women to have a fuller breast area. The creators of the first corset ever made realized this demand and put it into effect when creating this piece of lingerie. They knew that if they designed something that would not only make the waist appear smaller, but also add a bigger cleavage to the wearers of this undergarment, the chances of sales on this item would increase.

Broadway Classic Long Boning Corset with Sequins Details and Scallop Lace Trims
Broadway Classic Long Boning Corset with Sequins Details and Scallop Lace Trims

This realization influenced the corset construction greatly. So, corsets were designed not only to add the appearance of a thinner waist but also greatly boosted the bust area.

Of course, the original corset construction did have some notoriously known disadvantages. When they were first created, corsets were known to somewhat constrict the woman’s body. The tightness that was required to achieve the boosted bust and slimmer waist was sometimes too tight for the wearer to endure. Although many women still wore corsets, it was often not a pleasantly comfortable experience. Fortunately, since this time the corset comfort has increased and changed.

Today, the corset construction is not only designed to accentuate the woman’s body by slimming down areas and boosting other areas, but it is also designed to maintain a certain level of comfort that was lacking in the earlier and original corset designs. Fortunately, for women who are not to fond of the idea that “you have to pay to be beautiful, achieving a more womanly figure can be successfully achieved without having to endure discomfort.

In conclusion, the overall purpose of the corset construction is to provide a more womanly shape to the wearer of the corset by thinning the waist area and boosting the bust. Corsets have been worn for centuries. Today, women are still interested in achieving such shape, which is why corsets continue to be one of the most well known undergarments of the century.

Lynette Young
Rose Secret Fashions’ adviser

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