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We are one of the China’s leading corset, swimwear and sexy lingerie manufacturer and distributors. We specialise mainly in corsets and swimwear with our flagship brands “Wella Corsets” and “Wella Bikinis”. We export to countries such as US, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, South Africa, Middle East countries and the rest of the world.

On January 23, 2006, our Company made its debut in e-commerce by launching the first online lingerie wholesale and dropship store. The website has since attracted more than 25,000 memberships in lingerie re-sellers worldwide to-date. In May 2007, our Company moved on to contract manufacture for re-nown lingerie brands in the world. During the month of December 2008, our production output exceeded 60,000 pieces for the first time in a single month. We created our own flagship brand Wella Corsets and Wella Bikinis in May 2012 and work with some reputable global distributors to market the brands.

Wella Lingerie Co., Ltd participated in the Intimate Lingerie Asia Expo 2012. During the fair, our products receive overwhelming response from customers.  Japanese AV stars who were the guests of the Expo, had shown great interests in our products. Our company was also selected by the organiser to be interviewed by China TVS Media.

Our Company’s core competency lies in understanding the prevailing trends in the women’s innerwear market and the buying preferences of our customers and accordingly manufacturing lingerie products of good quality which could consistently fit in the trendy lingerie market. We understand that there was a huge potential market behind the middle class consumers who are less willing to pay high prices for lingerie products. Our key of success has been that we were able to identify these gaps by creating our own unique products at reasonable price, which provide very good return for our distributors. Almost zero complaint is another key that our products have been so popular.  In terms of pricing, we have a clear strategy and it makes it very easy for customers to come to buying decisions. Our products are very popular among the middle class, ranging from customer group age of 25 to 55. We position well to help our distributors in on-selling the products in any country. We are able to constantly provide one of the lowest prices among our peers because of our cost control measures, yet our quality is among one of the top.

If you work with us, you would reliase that we are not just a normal lingerie manufacturer who can offer low prices. We provide additional services such as private labelling, branding and packaging as well as marketing advise. We also provide professional product catelogues and unique images to assist our customer in promoting the products. View our revolutionary turnkey solution service at Lingerie Turnkey Solution or Lingerie Dropship Website Solutions for one stop online business solution for dropshippers.

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  1. Do you have a dropshipping fee? and if so how much. I have several website in which costumes, lingerie and BBW would be beneficial. Please let me know at your earliest conveince.

    Sherri Terrill CEO
    CS & S Enterprises

  2. Hi. My name is Kenny, Im planning to start lingerie business. Does this company is a distributor or manufacturer? and I wish to know where is your company located? Please get back to me as soon as possible. Im from Malaysia.



  3. Do you have minimum purchase….we order frequently in one or two units across a range of stock..

  4. I’m starting my new company and i would like you to be my supplier. I’m trying to buy some staff to see your quality and the time of your delivery. But first of all I would like to know the sizes with which you work, because I had the bad expierence with other suppliers in which the sizes have been very small.

  5. I manage to make my first sale on the 5th day of using the turnkey solution from Wella. If you could allow me to add my own products on the store it would be fantastic!

  6. I’ve been planning on selling plus size Lingerie for a while. I’ve been searching for a great wholesaler and came across your site. Please tell me your requirements to become a dropship distributor for your company. Dee

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