5 Lingerie Buying Tips

Tip#1 – Guys, do you feel just a smidge embarrassed about going into a lingerie store? Try shopping online. For one it’s discreet. For another, it gives you a chance to view an entire line of products before you make a purchase.

Tip #2 – What about buying lingerie if you are full-figured? Full figures can be very attractive. Try to find items that flatter your shape and are comfortable. It’s better to wear lingerie that shows off your curves rather than hiding them away. Emphasize your curves and shape rather than try to cover everything up!

Tip #3 – For the couples, why not buy lingerie together? Lingerie shopping can be fun for both. Especially when a woman sees her partner is really enjoying the show, as she models different items. Make a date of it!
couplesCouple sets
Tip #4 – What’s the best place to buy lingerie? It may seem ideal to shop in a standard store where you can try on items, but that’s not always practical. That’s when online shopping comes in handy. Before you fill up your virtual shopping cart, know your size and to avoid disappointment, be sure to read what materials your garment is made of. Lace thongs are very different than leather ones.

Tip #5 – One more for the guys. Remember fellas the lingerie is for her, not you. Since she’s wearing it, keep her comfort level in mind. Choose pieces that say “I love you,” “I adore you,” “I desire you,” not “I want to freak you up and down.”

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